October 11th, 2005


Extreme eating weekend

I had a really nice weekend at the cottage. I headed up on my own on Saturday (well with the pup, but not the hubby) got to the cottage around 3 and spent the rest of the evening knitting, well that and calming the spastic dog down; he sure loves being at the cottage. The leaves have barely started changing, it's really weird. Colours aren't that great at all, but it was still nice to be wandering around in the bush on a cool fall day. Around 5 the hunters must have finished their pints and headed back to their blinds because the number of shots you could hear increased greatly. We decided to stick close to the cottage for the rest of the afternoon/evening, although our cottage has been shot at before, so you only feel marginally safer. As we were trying to clear out the freezers to close the cottage for the winter, we were again treated to BIL's cilantro hamburgers for din - yummy!

Knit most of the evening - till about 2am actually. Didn't really watch the hockey game, spent more time out in the kitchen area keeping an eye on the puppy who was keeping an eye on the freshly cooked turkey. *g* I fell asleep on the couch in the front room Saturday night, and that did my back no favours.

Breakfast Sunday was maple bacon and eggs - mmm - food lust! I then found some back bacon, and cooked that up for good measure *g*

I spent most of Sunday in pain, moving very slowly. (I smashed my hip into the kitchen counter Friday aft when I was storming away from hubby *g*) Knit and napped Sunday, hubby, brother and SIL were supposed to arrive in the morning, but we weren't surprised to see them around 3pm *g*. Dudes pulled the doc out of the water and stored it for the winter and then we got started on dinner. Had all the usual Turkey day stuff, then settled down for some poker. Following the pattern of the past few weekends, I didn't get out of my PJs the whole day - I'm liking this tradition.

Brother didn't feel like playing, so he washed the dishes!! Very surprising, in that he wanted to put a dishwasher in years ago, and when his idea was voted down, he went on a protest and generally doesn't touch the dishes at all.

We headed home about 10pm, got home at midnight, then watched the Coronation St. from Friday night.

Monday we headed over to the inlaws for more turkey fest. SIL isn't the best at making gravy, so she asked me to help out. I must say, it was the best gravy I've made in quite a while! It turned out just right. I also got to slave over the stuffing (she just makes stuff'n'such) *g* Great meal, interesting convo, and more stuffedness.

Got home around 6, plunked my butt in front of the TV and watched the Sens beat the Leafs in a shoot out for the second time in a week. Doesn't get much better than that!
at work

Note to self

I really need to remember to pack something for breakfast when I have hockey at 7am. It's 10:30 and I'm ready to start eating my desk.

Am I the only one that thinks this way?

The subway panic in NYC last Thursday is being called a hoax. Is hoax the correct word or is test more appropriate? Find out how well the city reacts, what resources the US has to verify and move on potential threats, then build an actual attack based on your trial run.

Or, what about a case of crying wolf? Get enough of those false reports out, and people will stop reacting.

Friday night football

I'm getting old. There's no denying it any longer. We had a Renegades football game on Friday at 7:30. I was (I thought) fully prepared to sit in the cold and rain for 4 hours to watch them win. Half-way through the game I changed my mind (as did my mother and sis). We enjoyed the 'gades win much more from the comfort of sis' warm and cosy loft.