October 31st, 2005


rambly update

School is completely kicking my butt. I had my first exam on Friday, it was the evil one where I had the question a week in advance. Unfortunately I was completely incapable of forming coherent thoughts on Friday. I even took a second notebook so that I could write down my point form sketch before starting the damn essay. It didn't work. I scrawled some drivel down during the second half of the exam then headed home. Had a bit of a nap, then woke up thinking 'damn, I could write that frigging essay now!' It's amazing how much clearer I was thinking later in the day. Luckily the mid-term this Saturday is in the afternoon. We'll see how I do there.

I'm seriously considering finding a doctor and trying to get back on my meds. I wouldn't say I'm full out depressed, but a lot of the warning signs are there, not the least of which is my inability to study properly, information just seems to skitter across my brain these days. Then again, the effort of trying to find a doctor just makes me want to go to bed and hide from the world. I checked out the ministry website the other day, and made a couple of calls. The weirdest one I got was the doctor's office that said they weren't taking new patients, but were taking new babies - umm, okay.

Friday evening I hung out with my sis, decorating their place for the Halloween party Saturday. Saturday itself was a panic. Well, it started off with the Nano gift!! but then we had to scramble Hubby and I still didn't have our costumes, although we'd had some ideas. I figured the best place for inspiration would be the costume shops so we headed out. We didn't really get inspired, although I knew I could whip something together fairly quickly, it was more hubby that I was concerned about. We returned home to be greeted by my mother who was waiting for us so we could travel together to the football game. The gades lost, which was unfortunate for my last game of the season (next weekend is a conflict with the exam). Bolted home after the game and started prepping our costumes. Hubby ended up using one of my ideas, and it ended up being pretty cute. A former co-worker was over from England to my surprise. He came as a campy version of Terrence, pretty darn cute. I think we have a Pho date later in the week.

Sunday morning was back to panic mode. Really, first off someone needs to teach animals about time changes. After that I hit the ground running as I was hosting my Croptoberfest for my customers and decided to have a destashing sale at the same time. Hubby was a huge help getting the house ready, even if there was much crustiness. The day and sale were a huge success but I had so much caffeine during the day I couldn't get to sleep. Once I did drift off, I kept waking myself up, pretty damn annoying. Spent a great chunk of time today getting bunches of CDs transferred to the iPod. I think I'm already driving hubby nuts, he keeps talking to me while I'm wearing it. Apparently he was trying to call the house earlier today, but I didn't hear b/c of the tunes. *g*

I think the neighbours imported kids for trick or treating this year. I would say that we usually get max 25 kids, but this year hubby had to run out for more candy. Luckily we still had the chips, but no sweet stuff to go with them. Chet is hilarious, ever time the bell rings he dashes for the door. I think he scares the kids more often then not. *g*

Well, in case you hadn't figured it out, I'm supposed to be studying right now... Night all.

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Bird flu found in Canada.
It is really interesting to see the spin the TV media have put on this story. They are claiming that it has just shown up, rather than it was discovered this summer (of course, how else would it fit into their pandemic paranoia theme?) I think they meant to cut out the clip where the official indicated that 'bird flu in birds is not news'. Gee do you think the increased testing might have something to do with finding increased cases? They continue to publish reports indicating there is no pandemic, and no reason to panic, yet there have been no less than 3 stories on it in the past news hour.

The Gomery report is being released tomorrow. I'm seriously thinking of staying home from work just to get the scoop. This could be the end of the Martin's minority government. Maybe it's better if I just go to work and not even check the news, I don't even want to consider a fall election.

Apparently, if you want the truth about a political appointee, all you have to do is ask their mother. When Judge Alito's mother was asked about his stance on abortion, she replied, "Of course he's against abortion."

Halloween - the new Valentines Day?
Canadians are spending 1.1 billion dollars on Halloween this year. That compares to 3.3 billion in the US. Canadian population ~30 million, US pop. ~296 million. Why are we spending 3x as much per capita?