November 4th, 2005


Home renovation extravaganza!

My brother showed up bright and early yesterday morning to start widening our driveway. We got 665 interlock bricks free from a neighbour last year (yay free stuff! This year another neighbour provided the crushed stone for the job) enough to add a couple of feet to each side of the lane, allowing us to park both vehicles at the end, and leave our skidoo trailer at the bottom. Unfortunately I was too groggy to take 'before' pictures, but I do have a couple from them completing it today. Our driveway slopes down, as our garage is in the basement, this makes any work along the sides of the laneway interesting, as you end up excavating a lot of dirt in short order. This was one job I was more than happy to let someone else do, and since my brother is a GC, who better? Even he was surprised by the amount of dirt they ended up with, he didn't think they would need a bin to dispose of it, he thought they would be able to truck it away themselves *g*.

The second job that I am more than happy to let someone else do is replacing our windows, and I just received the scheduling call for that too. They will be here next Wednesday - Friday for the upgrades. Hopefully the 'warm' (8C) weather holds out for another week.

I just realized how much work we have done on this place in the past year! We started with the roof last fall, then a minor kitchen fixup, then the driveway, and next the windows - phew. I'm sure the day we decide we're happy with the place is the day we decide to sell it.

Wonder if theres a feed...

Will look into this after my exam tomorrow -

I often wonder what the hell designers are thinking when they come up with these ideas. Just because you *can* knit something really doesn't mean you should. Actually it often means you shouldn't.

Like Debbie New. Why would you knit a boat? or a diorama of the pregnancy and birth process? Sorry better question, why would I buy the book describing said knitting?

Anywho, I'm caught up on my reading, have retained none of it, and my exam's at 1 tomorrow. I'm hitting the hay - wish me luck.