November 29th, 2005


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I can't believe what a hard time I'm having with this story of a woman who was dragged to her death by a taxi. I don't know if the proximity is part of what gets to me - I drive over these roads on the way to my work, I visit this mall at lunch so I think of it as I go by; or if I can't determine if a pissed off cabbie actually hit her or after the altercation the driver didn't notice her and the people chasing him just caused him to flee in fear; or if I'm just being particularly hormonal, but I can't stop thinking about what a horrible way to die this would be. I mean, you hear of people dying every day, but this one is really getting to me, I have to stop obsessing.

Random things

5:54 - there is something in my house that stinks. I can smell it as soon as I walk in the door, but I can't find it. It's not the garbage, that all went out yesterday, it's not in the fridge, I've torn that apart. It has the sickly-sweet smell of a rotten potato (yes I know what that smells like) but they appear to be all good. Dammit I hate this!

6:02 - the election has been set for the same day that my embryo transfer is scheduled. In other election news, the girl that isn't getting involved is working on getting the office 'puters rented. Seems easy right? Sure, until I have to find time to set them up and get networked printing working. sigh.

6:13 - mmm - dinner - melba toast, cottage cheese and coke zero. One nice thing about hubby working evenings is that I can go back to eating almost nothing at night. Oh, did I mention hubby got another job? Seems he's not happy with his day job, and his teaching isn't enough hours to bring in any sort of decent cash, so he went back to his old employer. As it's a union shop, he's had to start again at the bottom, but its more or less formality, as suitable positions come up, he will be able to apply for them.

Christ on a cracker!

Watching the Rick Mercer Report and he's in Ft. McMurray. Talking to the Mayor, and the average salary is $91,000. They're paying $12-13/hour at the Tim Hortons!

Yes, they've got the oilsands, but really, even I'm willing to move to where the dragons are (see map) if hubby and I had a chance of making that kind of coin (of course in this fantasy, he'd be out slogging in the oilsands, and I would remain in some sort of non-physical, IT geek [read WARM] type job. Oh and of course IT personnel would be just as valuable as the dudes haulling the billions of barrels of oil out of the ground). here I come!

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