December 23rd, 2005


I am NOT a knitting addict!

Had a wonderful dinner on Wednesday evening with the knitwits, Snorie and Uncle Brownie (so named as he is the official supplier of brownies to all knitwit gatherings) were our gracious hosts. Lulu had demanded prime rib with yorkshires and garlic mashed, and that is what UB cooked up for us, as well as a wonderful home-made bisque, squash and snow peas. For a change this year, and as UB pleaded with us to balance the testosterone levels a bit, SO's were invited, so hubby and Lulu's Robbie joined us. Well, for a while anyways, then we scared them away to the basement UB is working on finishing.

It was a great evening of gift giving, and I feel right spoiled, but even better, I was surrounded by 6 other women who were knitting equally frantically, with the same delusion that with only 3 days to go, they would be able to finish the top of their sweaters and both sleeves (just like me!). Not only that, but I am planning on whipping up a couple of pairs of socks too *g*. It really is no wonder I love these gals, they are as crazy as I am. With the speed the needles have been flying lately, I'm surprised someone hasn't lost an eye.

Thing that made me go squee! today - Mary Maxim just kindly dropped off my first ever order (don't tell my existing yarn pimps) - a new sweater, to be make from Patons UpCountry, in Khaki (I'm less than impressed with the colour, but that sometimes happens when you decide to try something new - based on a 1/2" swatch from a website) and 4 balls of Regia Jacquard. So much for yesterday's declaration that I'd finish all projects already on the needles and knit up my stash before buying more wool *g*.

Oh and on Wednesday I picked up some new Lana Grossa sock wool - it's super cool, can't wait to see how it knits up!

Hubby has to go to the dreaded WalMart to purchase the MIL's gift. She knows it's there, but did not retain the product info so we could find it elsewhere. grr. I have completed my Christmas shopping, but have not yet started shopping for the Christmas meal, but I figure the longer I put it off, the fresher everything will be. I will be headed out tonight to do that.

Then home to decorate the tree, and clean the house. I'm hoping to wrap tomorrow, and relax.

Now where did I put those needles?

Knit one, purl two, recipe for a train wreck

In a misguided attempt to be more efficient, I have created a design feature* on the sweater I was knitting. Most patterns call for you to knit the front of the shirt seperate from the back, then stitch them together at the side seams. I HATE extra sewing when I knit. This drives me to splice my ends as I go, and to knit in the round rather than back and forth. Most sweater patterns also usually have some shaping around the armhole. So at some point you stop going around and round, you bind off a few stitches at each side, then knit back and forth for the front and back.

So, at a hundred miles an hour I knit round and round, until it called for shaping of the placket (button hole flap). You will of course note that I did not read all of the directions before I decided to modify their well laid-out plans. I then knit another 7 or so inches and used a 3-needle bind-off at the shoulders, then to add to the specialness of my mistake, I knit the hood up. Now I'm working on the first sleeve, and I've quickly noticed that the sleeve is much wider at the shoulder than the 14" I've allowed for the arm hole, and by much wider, I mean about 10" wider. In order to undo this mistake, I'll have to steek the armhole. Steeking scares me, no knitter should feel right about cutting into her knitting, it's just un-natural.

So while I find the courage to attempt the steeking, I will set this aside in the vain hope that some helpful house elf will happen by and fix my mistake design feature.

*read: made a huge mistake

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Well, the trip to Wal Mart was foiled. We picked up the gifts, then hubby started shopping, I explained as nicely as I could, that while I partially understood getting the gifts there, the other items could be purchased elsewhere. That lead to a heated discussion in the middle of Wal Mart, followed by the gifts being returned to the shelf, us leaving empty-handed, me much happier, and hubby grumpy that he'll now have to shop tomorrow. *g*

Christmas dinner shopping is complete as well, this is the smallest turkey I've ever purchased, at ~7kg (around 16lbs). There are only going to be 6 of us for dinner this year, and I like to send the in-laws home with left-overs, so it is still a bit bigger than needed to feed us, but I too need to have my cold turkey sandwiches next week.

Movie quote of the evening: 'Would you mind not shooting at the thermonuclear weapons?'