December 30th, 2005


New music required - recommendations please.

My iTunes gift cards are burning a hole in my pocket and I am looking for recommendations. I listen to tonnes of different stuff: Metallica, The Who (one of my favorite bands of all time), Eminem, Ricky Martin, Audioslave, Eurythmics, Black Eyed Peas, Kylie, Propellerheads, Queen, Colin James.... I'm all over the map!

I do have a couple of dislikes - Genesis and any associated musicians, and most 'country'. I do like the old 'twangy' stuff, love Johnny and Rosanne Cash. I own the O Brother Where Art Thou? soundtrack, and I love songs like Chattahoochie and Tennessee Flat Top Box. (I blame my father for that!)

I recently received and/or purchased some new music, including: Pink, Try This; U2, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb; and Arcade Fire, Funeral. Enjoying all, but looking for some new and different stuff. What are you currently loving?

My husband is trying to kill me.

I'm not sure if he's aiming for killing me with toxic fumes, hypothermia or a beautiful fireball, but one of them is going to happen really soon.

A couple of posts ago I mentioned that he was working on my skidoo. Well he's doing this in the garage. The attached garage. The week before Christmas he bought a weather-stripping kit for the door joining the garage to the house, as you can actually see the gaps around the door. You don't need to ask if he installed it before starting this work. That would slow down, if not foil his plans.

So, for starters, he fixed the nose of the hood of the skidoo. Yep, bondo and fiberglass. That was a trip for about 2 days last week.

Now that the body work is done, he's priming and painting the patches. He is also working on the carbs, adding those wonderful gasoline fumes. So I've been sitting in the basement with the window open beside me. It is -9C/12F outside right now, so not too bad, but NOT SUMMER.

Oh, and in order for him to stay warm in the garage, he's got a propane burner going.

Let's recap: gasoline + fiberglass/bondo + primer/paint + carbon monoxide and ignition source (propane heater) I feel like the unwilling participant in a death pool.
chick w brains

Oh. My. God.

I just checked my marks from last term, and while my Canadian Studies wasn't posted yet, I got an A in Astronomy! I don't know exactly how I did on the exam and I'll never be able to find that out, but it was good enough! Woo-freakin-hoo!!!!