January 5th, 2006

at work

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My cat is regressing. She has always been youthful, but has decided to start acting like a kitten again. She woke me up around 1am this morning, screaming and galloping around the house (anyone with a Siamese will tell you just how vocal they can be). Just as I drifted back to sleep, she snuck into our room, crept over to the wardrobe we have in the corner and batted the door open. I awoke to the *creeeeak* of the door, followed by the illusion of movement in the room, as the door's mirror reflected the light around. I nearly peed the bed!

She then had to roam around the entire bed, looking for a suitably soft spot before tucking in. I'm fairly sure she fell asleep immediately. I on the other hand was concerned that I had had a minor myocardial infarction and could not coax my brain back to sleep.