January 16th, 2006


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People suck. Our city's hospital has a lottery every year where they give away huge prizes like a million dollar dream home, cottages, cars, jewelry etc. The builder is putting the finishing touches on this year's donated home, to be ready for the lottery start in February. When they got to the job site today, someone had kicked in the door destroyed the granite countertops and stole the custom cabinetry from the kitchen and mudroom. $40,000.00 worth of cabinetry. They also stole tiles and smashed the existing work. I hope who ever did this cuts off a limb trying to install the stolen cabinets and their house burns down.

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A friend of mine just sent out a note that his 9-year old Malamute passed away. She had cancer, they had only found out last week. Just before Christmas he lost a cat, and shortly before they found cancer in another one of his dogs. These people love their pets so much. He actually met his wife through a Malamute owners group - he was living in Australia and she was in Minneapolis. They moved to Ottawa and built their house to accommodate their combined 12 pets! I can't believe what a hard time they've had lately. Here's a picture of the poor sweetie.

I've been crying since I read his post. It is really sad, but I'm usually not this affected by these things. I go for my next bloodwork on Wednesday morning, we'll see how much longer I have to be on these stims. Hopefully it will be over by Sunday. I have to pause every evening before I give myself the shots. I have to will myself into giving myself the dose,my emotions are all over the map anyways, so half of me just wants to throw the needle away. A quarter of me hates needles and wants to throw it away, and the final quarter thinks if you don't dose, you'll be back to normal in no time.

Good thing all of me wants to have a baby.

I don't have a lot to post these days, I've been feeling pretty down lately, and I'm working really hard to make sure I do everything I can not to sink back into depression again. But it seems that everything is either me feeling down, or talking about IVF and that even bores me!

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