January 22nd, 2006



Is it wrong that I am totally in lust with Steven Levitt's brain? I think I have downloaded just about every paper he has ever written.

If you ever want to understand the frustration of being a Canadian in Canada with an interfering, short-sighted government; and being Canadian in the context of having the US as a neighbour, read Palmiro Campagna's "Requiem for a Giant: A.V. Roe and the Avro Arrow"

Currently on the go:

James Alan Gardner, Hunted
Anita Diamant, The Red Tent

and then a pile as tall as I am.

My clinic is run by sadists

*g* okay, not really, but they did have me lined up at 7:30am for bloodwork, then waiting until 10:30 for my ultrasound. This time I caught 21 +9mm follicles on the monitor and when the nurse called this aft she told me my E2 was at 3872. So, one more day of stims, one more set of tests tomorrow morning, and she was fairly confident I would trigger tomorrow.

I did ask them about the E2 levels, and she said for me, they were looking for between 3000 and 10000, but each stim would be different. And when I went into OHSS, my numbers were around 13000 very early on, (not 3000 duh) so things are looking good, and I'm feeling a bit more relaxed.

The phlebologist was pretty funny. She was describing how she had early rounds with the cranky geriatric ward, then had to run over to the clinic so as not to upset the hormonal women *g*