February 9th, 2006


Holy crap it's Thursday!

On Tuesday I thought it was Friday, and the week has dragged ever since, now its over and I have no idea where it went!

Friday!!! The Knitting Olympics start at 2pm tomorrow. I have needles, charts, wool - and an impossible task. *g* Stupid work! I was supposed to be in Vic this week, coming home on Sat so I had plenty of plane knitting time! Instead, I'm out there all next week. Thats 4 days of prime knitting time down the drain. Curses, I'm fairly sure they won't let me knit while I'm supposed to be training the employees.

I expect my hands to be crippled, arthritic claws at the end of this, should be fun!

I expect that this might be my icon for the next little while - nothing personal *g*

Okay - maybe this one:

Both from isabella_darko