February 21st, 2006


Pics from Vic

Here is the hotel I stayed at in Victoria - the Empress, it was built by Canadian Pacific Rail in around 1908.

The only unfortunate thing about the hotel is that it is sitting on reclaimed land, and therefore 'settling'. Before the hotel was build the harbour used to extend to the street behind where the hotel now sits!

Here are the provincial parliament buildings:

and here they are at night - It was cold I jiggled the camera, sorry. They are like this all year, it isn't just a winter thing:

Here are some of those blooming cherry trees I was talking about:

There are so many of these trees around, that when their blooms start falling, it is the Victoria version of snow. I really think I could handle living there - coldest day of '06 was -3C!

Knitting olympics (aka - the sorry state of the knitting)

I noted on Sunday that I was done the first blanket, and confident that I would be able to catch up (remembering I only have until this Sunday afternoon). I would like to compare where I was on the first blanket last Tuesday (please excuse the glaring error right in the middle of it - I was too far along when I noticed):

To blanket part deux, this Tuesday:

I think I need to do some catching up! Damn this actually having to work!