February 28th, 2006


Reason #600 to love my crock pot

I came home last night to a gorgeous smelling house! Hubby had started sweet and sour chicken in the crock pot, and left me the cutest little instruction guide for when to put the rice on and add the pineapple. It was awesome, and perfectly timed. He returned home at 6:45, and we had a most yummy dinner. Best part of it was the surprise factor, I had no idea he had it planned.

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Hmm - it would appear that around the 19th of January, either the Google Blog search started ignoring the robots.txt file, NOINDEX or NOFOLLOW tags or LiveJournal messed them up somehow.

I've always selected not to have my blog crawled if possible, and until recently it never showed up in Google.

Oh Ricky!!

I meant to post this a couple of days ago, and apparently lapsed into a coma. Did no one notice that Ricky Martin did the worst lip sync ever in the closing ceremony of the Olympics? On at least 3 occasions he started singing and magically the mic was no where near his mouth! He only made it worse by trying to get to the 'singer pose' as quick as possible. I found it so upsetting I had to mute him so I could continue to ogle.

I never saw the Ashlee Simpson SNL episode (it is SNL after all) but where's the fallout? Where's the outrage and uproar? Why does Ricky get off unscathed?