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Mar. 7th, 2006 @ 08:41 pm Ultrasound update
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Hubby and I both went to the ultrasound today. It was very cool, they started out with the abdominal US but moved to the hoochie cam to get a better look. They took all kinds of pics, from all sorts of angles, and we got to see our little embryo, and to make it even better we got to see a heartbeat! Very, very cool. We had a couple of hours to wait between the ultrasound and the meeting with the RE, so we headed home and had some lunch. The meeting with the RE was hard to describe. He's happy (as are we - although you could say we're ecstatic) that this has finally worked, but the measurements of the embryo are off by about a week. We know exactly when we conceived, so it shouldn't vary that much. Rather than being the size of an embryo that is 7w5d, it is measuring 6w5d. I'd asked the tech about it at the time, but she didn't really comment on it. As well, the heartbeat is slower than it should be for the gestational age, but on target for a week behind.

Needless to say we're worried. We have a follow-up ultrasound in 10-14 days (it hasn't been booked yet), so while I thought I would be able to relax after this appointment, I'll now be worrying for the next two weeks. And I know all the worrying in the world isn't going to change anything, but every time I think about losing this pregnancy I feel like crying and throwing up at the same time.
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