March 22nd, 2006

catspit is a dangerous place

Lately I have the urge to spend money on frivolous things. Home Outfitters is my current obsession, (baskets and towels and fountains oh my!) I was headed there today, but the fact that I didn't shower until 4pm put an end to that.

But keeps tempting me. I want this ring: I have a complete and utter fascination with puzzle rings, any one I see I must buy, immediately break apart, then drive myself mental for hours trying to put it back together. I used to work with a guy that had been stationed in the Middle East, and he had commissioned a bunch of them to be made. They were beautiful, gold with gems...Me, I'll settle for silver - ooo shiny!

Speaking of purchases...a friend just sent me this clip -

Kermit girl

As much as I like hearing about green power being promoted, this announcement appears to be a lot of hype about nothing. Sure farmers, may be able to benefit, but this really means nothing for the average homeowner. How about rather than installing SmartMeters on all Ontario homes so that you can jack up the prices more efficiently (raising the rate from $.05/kWh all day to between $.064 and $.093 for 15 hours of the day and dropping to to $.029 between 10pm and 7am is NOT an incentive. It is jacking the price up without having to get approval) you work on getting some of everyone's power off the grid?

Back to the SmartMeters for a moment: I currently run my dishwasher before I go to bed. It probably goes on around 9pm, and when it gets to the drying cycle I stop it. If I were to start it after 10, I would be well asleep when it came time to dry, and guess what? It would freaking run the entire cycle! So what? Now I have to start washing my clothes at midnight? Or should I wait til the next day and throw them in the dryer after 10? How soon before 10pm starts to become a peak period? How about targetting office buildings and corporate users rather than going after the low hanging fruit?

How about rather than robbing us AGAIN you work on making alternate energy sources more affordable to the average user? How about credits if I throw a couple of solar panels on my roof to take my fridge off the grid? Considering Hydro is again threatening rolling blackouts and you are trying desperately to close coal-operated generating stations, does it not make more sense that you remove some of the energy that everyone uses, rather than building a new infrastructure to accept clean power from small plants? Your grand scheme is to power 250,000 homes? That isn't even one city!