April 8th, 2006


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I'm supposed to be going to a hen night tonight, but I'm not up to being sociable. I would rather just curl up. Not only am I down and not fit for being in public, but I still haven't adjusted to the time change and I'm not sleeping well. I can't see how heading out all night will help me feel any better.

I did head to my SILs today for a family gathering for the nephews' 12th birthday. They are pretty cute dudes, and each had a friend over, so in a way I've been social for at least 3 hours today, not to mention the shopping I did this morning for them *g*.

Last weekend we celebrated the birthday of a fellow knitwit, some of the incriminating photos can be found here. The fantabulous cake was done by The Girl with the Most Cake. Unfortunately I could not spend the day knitting with them, I was hosting a crop that afternoon. I had 5 people over and much scrapbooking was done.

I spent Monday working from home, and it came to the point where I wanted a break. I took Tuesday and Wednesday off, and my hubby and boss conspired to unplug me: no VPN, no email and no LJ for 3 days! The first day, I ended up waking up at noon! But I've been having the weirdest dreams and not very restful sleep. I did a bunch of organizing, and hauled out my scrapbooking stuff. I started working on stuff from highschool - so I got the random crap from gr. 8 - 10 into the album. That was a bit of a trip down memory lane. And oh, the bad hair! The second day I mainly did some running around, but it was nice to not be constantly checking what was going on at work. Speaking of hair, I dyed mine red again, although it isn't quite as red as I'd like it.

Thursday was my first day back at work, and by the end of the day I just felt like going home and crying. Instead, as hubby was working late, I got most of the paperwork ready for the accountant for 2005 taxes. Last night I skipped out on a movie with the 'wits, as well as forgetting about an invite to my sister's for a girlie get-together. Instead hubby and I watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith. I thought it was cute and it made me giggle.

Oh - Thursday was also the 17th anniversary of my meeting hubby. Not sure that most people would celebrate that as an anniversary, it wasn't our first date, but considering that we basically shacked up less than a month later, and never really had a 'date' it's the one we use.

Cranky PSA of the day

When someone is posting in their journal about their struggles with infertility, and if you feel moved to reply to them and offer your support, think for one freaking minute and make sure your damn icon isn't of your darling baby, your belly shot or your ultrasound.

How the hell insensitive can you be?

No, this didn't happen to me, but I have seen it in several friends' posts recently