May 10th, 2006


IVF ramblings

Hubby and I met with the RE today for our follow-up and to discuss our next steps. We got some good news, and some qualified good news. The good news is that doc is very optimistic that the next round will at least result in a pregnancy. Given that this was the first fresh transfer after the surgery, he puts our success rate at 50% (given our ages and all the rest). We've got the go ahead to start again at any time.

Here is where we do a bit of deciding. Background is that for my condition the provincial insurance will only cover 3 rounds of IVF. I thought we just completed and failed at our 3rd attempt. It turns out that because the first time we did IVF we had to cancel when I got so sick with OHSS, we still have one attempt left. *But* (there is always one of those isn't there?) the fertility centre just moved out of the hospital, (literally, they moved out yesterday) and because of this, their classification changes and they are no longer covered by the provincial insurance. As they are the only clinic of the eastern part of the province, there has been a great deal of protest and it looks like the legislation or designation of the facility will be changed. Will be. Looks like. Not quite written in stone yet. So, do we wait until Aug/September and see if anything changed or do we go ahead now, paying (as we thought we would have to do anyways), with no chance of being re-imbursed. And if we wait, will we run into a waiting list as everyone decides to try again once the insurance is re-established? So we are eligible for coverage, but can't currently get it at our current clinic, and have the green light to go ahead at any time, with good chances of it working. Bah.
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Random ramblings and a book question

Had the first game of the softball season tonight, it really didn't go well. At all. But it was fun. I am determined to back off on the negative self talk, I've realized I'm really hard on myself, and no one else needs to hear that crap. The bugs were insane and apparently my suntan lotion had zero bug repellant properties. It was disgusting sitting there with the catcher's gear on, feeling the little bastards landing all over me and it's really not like I can flail around while trying not to distract the pitcher *g*

The Sens are killing me. After the softball game, Stella and I came back to the house to watch the game with hubby (it's much better to let them be intense crazy fans to each other, I can just watch the game. When I'm here alone with hubby his ranting gets me very anxious). I figure Ottawa is just trying to go for a 4 straight run *g*. I mean it has been done before, so what if its been 30 years? They can't go out 4 straight, I've got tickets for game 5!

Has anyone read The K Street Gang? Saw him on the Daily Show, and he's on the list now.