May 18th, 2006

dead hamster

Another man's treasure now...

Last weekend hubby and I took part in our community's garage sale. It's a great chance to catch up with the neighbours, have them snoop through your possessions, hear the latest gossip, you know, all those things hubby loves so much.

The weather wasn't the greatest, but there were enough people around. We got rid of a tonne of junk, but we still have a buttload more. Because the weather was so crappy we'll probably have one more before we ship the stuff off to the Sally. Being a lover of garbage sales myself, I really don't mind hanging out for an afternoon getting rid of 'treasure'. I don't think hubby will join me again. Although he is talking about adding two of our living room chairs, a futon, coffee table and end tables... we'll have no furniture left!

The weirdest thing was the reaction people had to our casset tapes. People were crazy for them. We ended up getting rid of over half of them. Alice Cooper? Gone. Styx? Gone. Megadeth? Gone. Zeppelin? Gone. C'mon people, what are you going to do with those? Do you even have tape players anymore?

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May 16th was Census day. There is a 8 question form or a 61 question form, we received the 8 question one; but I haven't yet filled it out. From a historical point of view, I can understand the value, but the government's claim is that the data is used to provide services is just a bunch of yada yada to me.

It is going to cost $567 million dollars to process the data on 32 million Canadians. It will also take 8 years to tabulate and analyze the data. How is that in any way going to provide timely services? How are they going to forecast anything? By the time they have the data, not only will it be completely out of date, but another census will have taken place! And this is the first census where you can file electronically! 8 years. It boggles my mind