June 9th, 2006


Too much tv watching these days.

Did anyone else see the freakshow that was David Lee Roth on Jay Leno Wednesday night? He did a bluegrass (I think) version of Jump. It had to be one of the most horrifying things I've ever seen. Not only was it bad, but how can the original artist mangle a cover so badly? And the perma-grin, twitching, and shrieking? Is he ill? On meds (kinda reminds me of Ozzy on the anti-psychotics)? And the grin - facelift?

Does it mean I'm an adult that I really enjoy the interviews on Jay Leno? I like the rapport he has with them. And I think he and Ellen have the same booking agent - if you see them on Jay, they'll be on Ellen within a day or two. Although I enjoy Ellen (and will be going to see her in the next 3 years) her interviews are so much more awkward than Jay's.

Any comment on Al Gore's movie, An Inconvenient Truth? Boo, if you're reading this, and haven't seen yet, do you want to catch it this weekend at the Bytowne? (I heard a rumour you were in town...) Thought it might be up your alley, give you some ammo next time you want to take Lowell on *g*

Hubby and I didn't make it to The Omen on Tuesday, hopefully this weekend. Also need to get to the Da Vinci Code with MIL and SIL. Hmm, now I just have to figure out how to get paid to go to the movies!

(no subject)

So, these guys arrived in town yesterday and the media is a-twitter! Anyone have a good conspiracy theory? Wonder if we should contact Dan Brown and see if he can work them into his next book. I would love to know exactly how much navel-gazing the high priests of Globalisation do at these things.
Ohh - not another global conference on oil and terror! Not another meeting of old, rich, lawyer-type white guys! I think North America and Europe have their relations pretty down pat by now. Sure you get to jet around in a veil of secrecy, get whisked around in limos to secluded locations (that are generally the poshest accomodations you can find)...or is that the G-8?