June 24th, 2006


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Being on course this week has been incredibly stressful. Not only was I in the class for 8 hours, but 8+ hours of work has been piling up for me each day. On top of that, I've been out almost every night this week, so the work is waiting for me. I am already dreading Monday morning, but will be putting it out of my mind before it does that to me.

On Wednesday hubby and I went to see Cirque and were both amazed. The sheer athletisism of the show is mind-boggling. I was able to truly escape into the show which was fantastic. I am sorry it took me so long to see one of their shows, I look forward to seeing others. Hubby commented that one of the girls reminded him of me, now I just have to lose this 30 lbs so reality matches his memory *sigh*

Tonight we spend an evening with the 'wits and spouses, Paddy-lou had a wonderful barbeque to celebrate Uncle Robbie and Snorie's wedding (yes the celebrations will be going on for a while). The didn't let us celebrate before hand, but that's not going to stop us! As well, we will be making the 'wits traditional wedding gift of a quilt for them. Snorie has allowed us free reign to pick the fabrics, but will be hanging around while we make it, most likely in the capacity of tea slave.

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Hubby will attest to the fact that I don't mind paying a bit more for quality. Actually he often remarks on it, and I often give him reason to remark. However, I draw the line at paying $40.00 for a single peony ring. Oh, and I don't need just one, I need five. Even I acknowledge that $200 for plant support is out of line.

After five years of use my last peony ring resembles the after-affects of a coathanger mating with a blender, but unless the Lee Valley one plans on weeding my entire garden in it's spare time, I'll stick to the $5/pop variety. I really don't like them as I often wait too long to reign my flowerbeds in and the rings aren't really built to open around the bushes. In a perfect world I wouldn't spend the 1st weekend in June cursing while taming my backyard jungle, but I'm willing to admit Martha and I travel in different gardening circles.

Really, doing the math I'll get 40 years of well supported peonies with the occassional trip to Canadian Tire. Hubby would be so proud!
Brain missing

Hell on Earth

Hubby has found a UFC marathon on Spike TV. I'm not sure if I want to scratch my eyeballs out or puncture my eardrums with knitting needles. I'm not actively watching the boob tube, but I am in the same room. That has to change - NOW.

And OMG! The announcer so just totally ripped off Thunderdome's 'two men enter, one man leaves'!