July 14th, 2006

dead hamster


Carl Honore - In Praise of Slow. While it does get a bit too trite at times, the book takes a great look at taking time to enjoy life; the Slow Food movement, Tantric sex, walking rather than hopping in your car, taking a break at work, it even touches on urban and suburban planning. Given the rants that I've written the past little while about how I shouldn't feel hassled to go out and play, this was a timely read. I think it is one that I will have to review ever so often too. Just last Friday it occurred to me how silly it was to be driving myself mad to get ready early to head up to the cottage. Why should I stress myself to leave a half hour earlier? Why not enjoy the entire day?

and how cool is this - http://www.ineradicablestain.com/skin.html?

She's writing a story that is tattoed on volunteers around the world, one word each. Think of what that does to the story, how it changes over time.

(I've also realized that I need to find some 'nice' icons. I seem to have a great collection of snarky ones)