August 1st, 2006


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I find myself without much energy left over to write these days, heck I find myself without enough energy to make it through the day! Even this weekend, when I really didn't do much, I was exhausted. I went to bed early and found myself napping in the early evenings. I did manage to stay awake long enough to watch 3 movies:

The Exocism of Emily Rose (exactly the kind of movie I hate, but hubby loves) was okay at best. I found the 'chilling' bits chilling, but it had an extra side story that didn't really go anywhere

Six Degrees of Separation Charming movie, I would watch again. I loved Stockard Channing in this role.

Dog Day Afternoon I found this to be an incredibly well done story. I'm not usually a big fan of Pacino, but I really enjoyed his character here.

Reading has tapered right off again. I'm in the middle of The Idiot and The Life of Pi. While I'm enjoying the story of The Idiot, I'm having a hell of a time keeping all the Russian names and the patronymics straight. I think I need to devote a little more focussed time to that one. As for The Life of Pi, I'm about 50 pages in and just bored. This one has just failed to capture me so far. I sure hope I get more involved, because it isn't in my nature not to finish a book.

Only other exciting bit I can think about from this weekend was that hubby installed a new toe-kick vac pan for the central vac. Pretty sad when appliances qualify as exciting. He did get to legitimately use his reciprocating saw for the second time in the 9 years he's owned it *g* and the best part of the install was that the vacuum was right there to clean up the mess!

I headed to bed around 12 last night, after a storm blew in and knocked out the satellite in the middle of The Daily Show (how rude!) I was just drifting off to sleep when the thunderstorm hit. I thought it was flashbulbs at first, then realized most peeping toms would not be that rude. I drifted off again and started having the bizarro semi-dreams about lightning hitting our deck right outside the window. For some reason I kept sticking my hand out the window. Again I've had a disasterous sleep, and now I get to drive to Montreal!

Must go pack.