August 18th, 2006


TV musings

Last night I caught myself watching a bit of America Has Talent for the second time. I don't know if I'm catching bad acts or shows, but all I can think each time I see it is 'no they don't!' A juggler that can't juggle? A guy that plays songs on his teeth? A hulahooping transvestite? And I guy that sometimes catches eggs in his mouth? Sheesh.

I hope there are better acts, and I've just had the unfortunate timing to miss them all. I am glad I kept it on in the background though, the end of the show (or end for me *g*) had BMG rocking out Baba O'Reilly! Have I ever mentioned how huge of a Who fan I am? They are my number one, all time favorite band. Watching the blue men kick it and the audience getting in to it, I realized just how much it is going to hurt for me not to see them when they come through town. If I wasn't completely behaving myself last night I would be $400 poorer, and 2 tickets richer. This will be the third time I don't get to see them in concert *sigh*

Rockstar: Supernova. Now this is more my type of music*. And I don't think I could be any happier at the voters' choice this week. Finally! I've liked Dilana since the beginning, but lately her voice has been getting on my nerves. Let's cut back on the butts a bit sweetie. Hubby is disgusted with the music that they are looking to perform, after the unveiling with Dilana on Wednesday he compared them to Poison. (HAHAHA). Being a Metallica fan (the way back kind) hubby is disgusted with Jason. Going from Flotsam and Jetsam to Metallica to this? He does crack me up though, that boy cannot hide his feelings.

* - when compared to American Idol. Doubt I'd watch another series.

Arby's commercials: Am I the only one that thinks it looks like everyone has a penis floating over their heads in these commercials? Who was the marketing genius there?

How to ruin cheese tortellini and red sauce

Make sauce, exclude ground So Soya+ as hubby is supposed to be eating it too.

Get call from hubby, he's going out for end of year dinner with his students.

Decide to add soy to leftover sauce.

Put tortellini in bowl

Before putting sauce over pasta, dump soy in entire pot of sauce.

Scream at having to eat not so rehydrated soy bits.
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