August 20th, 2006


(no subject)

Is it possible to catch up on sleep? I'm trying but I don't think I'll ever get there. And doesn't catching up imply running or other physical exertion? It makes me tired just thinking about it. Speaking of catching up, I'm down to only 220 posts to go! I've been meaning to set aside some time to re-do my journal, but when I can't even get through the posts, I don't think that will happen for a while.

While surfing the web shiny things like registration at University keep distracting me. I have 8 full credits to go, I may try to do another video on demand course this term, and see what next term brings.

What do you use to keep up with the blogs and sites you read? I'm looking at Bloglines now, what else is out there? Pros? Cons?