August 22nd, 2006


I'm getting too old for this.

Anyone see the guy that kicked me in the ovaries? Was there a car? Get the plate number?

Hubby and I got to the clinic at 7:30am. Hubby went off to do his thing, and they started sticking me with needles. I'm allergic to penicillin so I got an extra pin in the butt. Once in the stirrups, they jabbed at a bunch of the follicles, but it looks like there were only eggs in 8 of them. I don't remember a lot of it, but hubby reminded me that they didn't actually take the eggs out of all the follies, only the bigger ones. We'll get the fertilization result tomorrow. They knicked a vein with the needle too, so I had some extra fun clamping time. There's an experience I never want again. Apparently I should be thankful, the stitching is supposed to hurt more.

I was home by 10 and I've slept all of the afternoon away. I have to make sure I drink 3L of water daily and check my temp and weight for the next 3 days. I'm pretty darn swollen and tender, I think I hear some tylenol calling my name.

This is the smallest number of eggs they've retrieved so far. I had 11 in January, 7 were fertilized and 2 survived. So I'm starting with 3 less this time. Still, I know 8 is a great start, I'll have everything crossed until it cramps.

Last night we went to see our buds that are having the quads. They are so excited about their pregnancy, and overwhelmed by what they have to do. We are all apparently being put on a schedule for helping once she's on bedrest and then even more so once the babes arrive. *g*

Supernova thoughts

Funny moment, hubby and I paused the PVR after Dilana's performance; he was mentioning how very few of the singers took chances with the arrangements. His comparison was Metallica's Whiskey in the Jar, compare that sucker to the folk song. We send the tube back to play and there is Toby kicking Layla. That had to be my favorite performance tonight. Least favorite was Lukas. I've always thought he wasn't the right fit for the band. He doesn't have the right looks or moves. Dilana was good, but didn't really impress me. Ryan's song was cool, Patrice bores me.

ETA - funny that Patrice's myspace is already advertising her album release. Guess we know who gets chopped.