October 4th, 2006


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One nice thing about this saved draft bit with LJ is that I can now find posts that I thought I published a week ago, and add them to my journal. The TRA last week was spectactularly horrible. Well, actually that is a bit harsh. They managed to decimate one of our major systems, which we knew was weak, just not how weak. Some of the developers helped them by leaving passwords lying around where they shouldn't have, so good is that the administration of the machines is good/better, management of data is poor, and plenty of work lies ahead for me.

Hubby and I went to the dinner for D&D, the couple that are expecting the same time we were supposed to be. The hardest part of it all was actually shopping at BRU, seeing all the other pregnant, happy families. I skipped the 2nd shower on the Sunday, opting instead to spend time with the 'wits, working on the wedding quilt. That day had its own trying moments, with much talk about the quads and the latest ultrasounds being passed around. Then, after dinner, Lulu and her hubby announced that they too are pregnant! They are 8 weeks now, and have been trying for about 10 years now, and this is the 3rd pregnancy that I know of for them. They are nervous, but excited, and talk again turned too painful for me, and after congratulating them, I had to leave. To say I had a meltdown in the car would be an understatement. It's weird, I don't begrudge each or any of them their pregnancies, but I can not currently handle the entire group celebration thing. We have plans to go on our annual knitting retreat the first weekend of November, I honestly don't know if I can handle 5 days of talking about their pregnancies. I'll be playing that one by ear.

I guess the cat is out of the bag too about our miscarriage, I went for lunch with another 'wit Heho today, and she knew, I guess they discussed it after I left. I was afraid when she called yesterday that she was going to let me know she was pregnant too, and that I could not have handled. I still actually feel rather sick to my stomach thinking about the weekend.

I took this week off - and I hope to get a bunch of stuff accomplished. I cannot stay on task for more than about 5 minutes, but I have a new pair of socks on the needles, and a new shawl started. I finished up a couple of other items - socks and two baby blankets. I bought a bunch of new pots, and repotted every houseplant I have. I've sorted thorugh the craft rooms up and downstairs, and I've got the sander out to refinish hubby's dresser. I've also washed the material to make a lap quilt, I'll be cutting that tomorrow, and I managed to locate the material for our kitchen curtains.

I have a bunch of software I want to install on my machine. I want to get the negative scanner working so I can go through all our pictures, and I want to get the Sims and Diablo installed - I currently have no games!

I need to get my expenses done, and last little bit of info to the accountant.

I hope to sand and paint the trim that needs it around the house, and start some sort of finish on the fireplace downstairs.

I'll keep puttering from project to project this week, hopefully I'll get a couple of them finished. I'm watching a bunch of movies this week too, so far I've seen Rumblefish and Dick. And I watched House of Flying Daggers last week. Next up is Hitchhiker's Guide, then White Oleander.

This weekend is Thanksgiving, so I'll have to figure out when we're going to the cottage, and what I'll be bringing. I'm really leaning towards the carrot soup I made a couple of weeks ago, that was nummy and I have a bunch of carrots left. Then Tuesday it's back to work, and an appointment with the RE in the afternoon.

Last night I was walking by the neighborhood school when the Sparks troop let out (junior Brownies/Guides). I remembered that they were looking for volunteers, and got talking to the troop leader. She suggested that I stop by in two weeks when they are next there, and pick up the info to sign up (includes criminal background check). I'm pretty excited about volunteering for this, it's every Monday from 6:15 - 7:15.

Oh ya, the other thing I've noticed, is that as well as not being able to sit down and devote any time to a task, I'm also not writing terribly coherently these days. Please excuse the brain dump, but it's about all I can manage at the moment. I've also noticed that I can't read right now. I just don't have the focus to sit down with a book, nor does it interest me to do so. I think recognizing where I am emotionally and mentally is a big step right now. I know I'm avoiding, and I know what I'm avoiding, and right now I am quite content to spend my time willing the elephant leave the room.