October 10th, 2006


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Well wasn't I just in a mood yesterday! I blame it on having to go back to work. As I was leaving the house yesterday morning I did make one last ditch effort to convince hubby that my immediate retirement was a very good thing. He didn't buy it for some reason.

I am also sure that no little part of the mood was due to my silly idea to install Diablo II on my machine Monday night. I am glad that I decided to do it on the last day of my holidays, or I would have had a far less productive week. It was quite enjoyable to waste 6 hours or so just mindlessly bashing people about the head. I'm building an assassin and a druid at the moment. I usually play an amazon so it will be interesting.

I also had my followup appointment with the RE yesterday. Now that I have had two miscarriages in under 6 months, he is going to investigate my recurrent miscarriages. This means plenty more poking and prodding. Two different sets of blood draws, checking for lupus, checking thyroid levels, clotting issues and a whole laundry list I don't remember, but turned out to be 7 vials drawn at 2 different clinics.

Unfortunately Ontario will not do genetic testing until after 3 miscarriages, and I am not prepared to wait for that. There is a clinic in Montreal that will do it for a 'couple of hundred' dollars. I will be following up on that one shortly.

And finally, tomorrow I go in for a hysterosonogram, supposedly less painful than an HSG (I know the initials are the same, but HSG is usually a hysterosalpingogram, and seeing that I no longer have my tubes, completely unneeded).

What originally started off as a free week, in which I'd continue crafting has very quickly booked itself up. Tonight I am looking after my twin nephews. I asked their mother to get them to dig out some photos, we're going to scrapbook! Tomorrow night the 'wits are planning dinner and a movie, and my sister invited me to the Ottawa/Calgary hockey game. So I think we'll crash dinner then hit the game.

Of course, the crack-smoking part of my brain went, 'no, this means we won't be able to start playing until after 11!' *sigh*

Looks like I won't get to bake the cookies I'm craving until Friday!

Now I'm off to grab some din and then terrorize a couple of 12 year olds.