October 16th, 2006


Two 'duh' moments in one week

And that's no where near a record! I blame the weekend.

First off, I mistakenly believe that in order to have this genetic testing done at the clinic in Montreal we would have to go to Montreal. Turns out, that there's this little company call 'Fedex', and for a measly few dollars they'll ship practically anything anywhere. So hubby and I have an appointment at 1 to go to the much closer Ottawa clinic and have our blood drawn, and then have our blood drawn (oop - I mean pay the $900 fee)

Secondly, I lept out of bed this morning in a panic, afraid I was going to be late for my course today. No time to pack a lunch, forget about finding access badge and keys, Starbucks? not a chance. I flew into the reception area, asked for the room the course was in, only to find out it starts tomorrow. *sigh*

I was prepared for a day of knitting, instead I'm frazzled and tired and cranky and coffeeless!

But, it did mean that I was able to schedule the above mentioned bloodwork for this afternoon.

(no subject)

Anyone else have problems with the LJtalk service? I installed in on Thursday or Friday and was impressed that it didn't trip my company's workstation security tool, most of these do.

On Saturday I started having really weird problems with my connectivity. My internal network was fine, but any external access would time out. Hubby had brought his laptop to work with him, so I couldn't troubleshoot from another machine, or verify it it was local to my machine only. Reboot the wireless router, access re-appeared. As long as I kept traffic going over the connection it was fine. As soon as the connection sat idle for a couple of minutes it would drop. I could still access my internal network, was getting name resolution on external sites, but no connectivity. Close down unneeded services, take a look at what is running (specifically newly installed stuff) and the Bonjour/mDNSResponder service was looking a bit suspicious.

I stopped the service, but no joy, even after reboot. Uninstalling LJTalk fixed the issue. I'll try it again when I have a bit more time, just wondering if anyone else noticed issues.