November 6th, 2006


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This weekend was the annual Needler's Retreat, hosted and organized by Mabel Corlett of The Wool Room in Kingston. The retreat was held at Glen House Resort again this year. As is our custom, we turned a 2-day weekend into a five day getaway, heading out Wednesday afternoon. I was feeling particularly lazy, but I'm sure Heho and DebDeb will eventually get around to sharing photos *g*. Needless to say, we headed directly to The Shrine, (aka The Wool Room - Mabel's store in K-town). As we were off to a bit of a late start we arrived around 5pm, plenty of time for shopping before our dinner reservations.

And shop we did! Mabel appears to be doing her version of destashing and we were more than happy to help her out. Several knitwits were captivated by SRK's Truffles (merino and cashmere blend) I wish I had pictures, or that you could touch this to feel how soft it is (it's no Qiviut but still yummy). I managed to resist, but did find 15 skeins of Philosopher's in dark green heather for my Einstein coat. I don't yet have it wound or on the needles, but it'll be there real soon.

After DebDeb won at Mabel's, and Annie left with the smallest bag we'd ever seen, we headed downtown to dine at Chez Piggy's. I've read several times that it has gone down hill in the past couple of years, but the Knitwits seemed to enjoy their meals. I did some shopping at A Novel Idea on Princess St. then we headed back to Gananoque to settle in for the evening.

Unfortunately we only had one of the cottages this year, so 3 of the 'wits stayed at the main part of the resort and 4 were out in the cabin. Thursday and Friday we spent a good portion of our waking hours knitting and laughing like idiots or eating and laughing like idiots. Somehow the drinkers managed to swing it so that I was waking up with their headache. I haven't figured out how the did it yet, but it plagued me the entire weekend. They've really gotta slow down! As further proof of our bad influence, we've managed to convince several other groups that 2 days is far to short a getaway, and Thursday evening we had 16 knitters in the cabin.

On Friday a couple of us made a quick trip in to Ktown. On top of needing to eat at Pan Chancho's, I had some running around to do. Off I went searching for something very specific. I not only was not able to find it, I was really disappointed in one of the shops that I usually like to visit. Not only did they not help me, they didn't even offer service when I entered. I tried to get their attention, and was ignored, so I quickly left. I'm all for supporting small independent shops, but if there is no one else in the store, and you are the owner, you could at least stop talking to your co-owners to see if you could help the person at the counter. I then embarked on the 'doggy tour' of Kingston. First I visited Sasha, the 7-month old black lab at Black Dog Pottery. On top of having a beautiful pup, I love his work and buy a piece every time I'm down there. This time around I picked up a coffee mug, and a cream and sugar set, as well as a couple of Christmas gifts. Next on my list was Birds n Paws on Brock St. to say hello to Oliver, the 10 month old Bulldog (what a sweetie). I stopped in at Trugs next door, but didn't see their pup. I met back up with the rest of the 'wits in Cooke's Shop, and then we headed over to As The Plot Thickens, a mystery/crime bookshop, with an owner who had the answer to all my stupid questions.

Friday afternoon, the 'wits surprised Snorie with a 'mommy' shower, getting her some pampering items before she heads off for what we all hope is a long, long period of bedrest. In the evening the rest of the knitters showed up, and the official part of the weekend got started. We registered for our classes, socialized with people we generally meet once a year, admired the gorgeous knitting and then ate, drank and knit.

Saturday morning we hit Suzanne Atkin's class on knit quilt blocks. Proving that she is a fantastic knitter and designer, she has not one, but two designs in this month's Knitter's magazine. One of them happens to be a felted quilt block bag! (The other is this shawl). 'Teachy-q' (yes even she has a 'wit nickname) managed to keep us in line for most of the class, I think we were really only out of control once.

Heho and I skipped the second class, which was Andrea Wong's The Wong Way of Knitting. Thankfully our fellow 'wits grabbed us the instructions and a pin so we could try on our own time. While winding, knitting and playing Sudoku, Heho and I also managed to catch a good portion of the movie Rudy. I'm a complete sucker for these movies. I also have to note here that I managed to wind an entire skein of Alchemy Yarns - Promise without anyone ending up in a corner in the fetal position!

We ended up dining with the group of knitters from Ohio, including Andrea. We apologized to them before sitting down, and it seems they were crazy enough not only to enjoy our company, but to invite us down to the Ohio Guild's knitting retreat next April! That would be an interesting 12 hour drive *g*. Saturday night is vendors night, then show and tell. We shopped a bit more, then headed back to the cabin to knit and be goofs. If anyone has a good lead on group discounts for hearing aids, drop me a line. Annie suggested we all learn ASL, until I pointed out that would cut into our knitting abilities. We will resort to ear cones if needed, although what we do hear amuses us as much if not more than what is really said.

The entire group skipped our Sunday class, which involved colour boarding your project ideas. None of us felt like bringing bristol board, glue, feathers, magazines, etc up there, it would have cut into the space we had to cart wool! Once we were kicked out of our cabin, we ate lunch, then found a quiet place to knit for about another hour before heading back. Not only did the end of the weekend come too soon, but this really was the end of these get-togethers for quite a while. Next spring both Lulu and Snorie will be new mothers, who knows when they'll next get away for a weekend.

and the bad news....

The weekend started off with a kick in the stomach of sorts. Wednesday night at dinner, Heho ordered a non-alcoholic drink and Snorie started quizzing her about being pregnant. She is. Just. 7 weeks to be precise, due June 19th. She had been to the doctor's that day to confirm. I went out for lunch with her on October 4th and asked her at the time if she was pregnant. My nightmare scenario was to be there with the 3 pregnant women. She didn't know then, and answered me truthfully that she wasn't. You have know idea what it was like to be there for the entire 5 days with my 3 closest friends, all of whom are pregnant. And every time I turned around it was the 4 of us sat together. The four women of child-bearing age, and I'm now the only one that wasn't pregnant. Of course the talk was all about babies, and knitting for babies and every other woman that came over had to talk to Snorie. I spent a lot of time by myself or with other retreaters as I really couldn't handle all the pregnancy talk.

I'd started off on such a high too, earlier Wednesday afternoon hubby and I had met with the RE and gotten the results of the genetic testing and the blood tests. Everything is normal. Which is good, we can try again, but we have no idea why we miscarried twice. While there we discussed possibly being more aggressive this round, and although he won't agree to more drugs, he said we could negotiate when they decrease my stims. I also insisted that we use IM PIO rather than progesterone suppositories, and his comment was, 'Really? It's your butt', which amused me.

Adding to the hormonalness (yes I've made it a word) of the weekend, I got my long awaited day 1 on Sunday. Good? Not so much. The timing means my cycle would be retrieval on the 24th of December. The clinic used to close down between Christmas and New Years, meaning I'd be waiting until January again.

When the clinic called this afternoon to collect their $7550 I asked them to check first if I would be getting bumped until January. The key is that as soon as I get a schedule, they want money. If they can't get me in in December I'll at least get the dates for January. I'll hear back tomorrow morning. Good news is that Snorie has an extra 600IU of Puregon, so that's $650 I don't need to spend.

How did this happen? How is it that for the past 10 years I've been surrounded by women my own age who were childless, and I was the only one trying to get pregnant. Now I feel like I'm the only one who's not pregnant.