December 6th, 2006


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Dearest Retailers;

It is twenty days before Christmas. You are not having Boxing Day sales. Boxing Day is the 26th, and stretching it, Boxing week is the 26th-31st. Your current sales events are Christmas sales, or pre-Christmas sales.

Thank you,


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In much the same way that one cannot communicate using ASL and knit at the same time, I have determined that one also cannot set insane Christmas knitting deadlines and manage to spend anytime updating her blog. I swear, once I get all the ends sewn in I will post the mega FO post. The count so far is 4.8 pairs of socks, 3 scarves, 2 baby blankets and .4 of a baby sweater. The amount left to do is scary.

Knitting like a mad woman (on conference calls, in bed, at the mechanic's this morning) also means that I am not making Christmas cards this year. I tried tonight, I cleared the scrapbooking supplies off the dining room table and hauled out all the stamps, paper, inks, brads and other doodads, and then I sat. And stared, and thought about all the knitting I have yet to do. In the interest of efficiency I did not bother putting all of the mess away before getting back at the knitting.

Several weeks ago the Yarn Harlot started knitting a sock a day. I thought, well that's a bit nutty, but based on weekend experience, I know if I had the whole day I could do that as well. Continuing down the path of insanity, I decided that based on my work, time for eating and well the rest of my life, I could knit 1/2 a sock a day. Which in theory is a great plan. I'm sure some wise man somewhere has said something very sensible and witty about the fallacy of theories when applied to 'great plans' but one doesn't come to mind at the moment. However I will say that my life is getting in the way. I was out last night, will be out tomorrow night, need to clean and decorate on Saturday and am having people over on Sunday. Now I will admit that the first thing that popped into my mind was that I needed to quit my job to make time for knitting, however sensibly I realize that my stash will not yet take me through to my golden years, I am a corporate slave for my stash. But I digress. As I have eliminated my job as a candidate for elimination (yep, I read that twice - it makes sense) I need to stop eating and sleeping.

One of my wonderful friends pointed me at this pattern. It truly is a magic scarf! You only need to knit 1/2 the length then drop some stitches. If my current ploy to move from fine sock wool knit at 25 spi on 2.5 mm needles to bulkier wool knit on 4.5 mm needles doesn't get me there fast enough, a who bunch of peeps might just be getting scarves instead.

Well, back to the coal mines for me, I'm sure my hands will uncramp eventually...
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