December 12th, 2006

calvin faces

I had a bad fall last night...

Let me start off by saying the title of this post makes me feel absolutely ancient, but that is how I think about the episode. I didn't wipe out, I didn't mess up, I had 'a fall'. A fall brought on entirely by myself, and due to two of my most stupid habits. Oh, and I lied in the title, it actually happened Friday night, but I started writing this on Saturday.

At around 12:30 I decided to turn in, so I said goodnight to the dog, checked the alarm, turned off the lights (this is key) and went in to my craft room to check one last little on-line item. Done with the 'puter, I hung a left out of my room and crashed directly into some crafting supplies I had piled up in the hallway, second stupid habit, meet first stupid habit. Brain goes 'huh?', feet go 'what the hell, I'm outta here!', and I go crash, boom, boom. Yep, I managed to come crashing down first onto my knees, then my hands, where learned that I no longer have the upper body strength to catch my own falling body, and in an imitation of Bambi on ice, landed on my chin. If I were any sort of housekeeper I would say that my gleaming floors were so slippery I couldn't catch a hold, but who am I kidding, I'm a weak slob.

Somehow, although I was kicking the crap out of myself, my husband managed to sleep through it all. This is a miracle itself. Here is the man who wakes as soon as I put the side light on to read, who, no matter how stealthily I try to climb into bed, is still wakened, and yet he slept through all of me being powerslammed into the hardwood right beside his head. He did sort of snort and roll over as I was re-orienting myself with my various body parts: first check, head still attached, second, fingers and toes all wiggling, third, teeth, all still firmly in place. I feel so safe knowing he's there to defend me if say a marching band breaks in and wakes him up.

Getting up was not so fun and I limped to the bathroom where I started to get ready for bed. Attempting to brush my teeth, I realized the true damage was done to my jaw, I could barely open my mouth! Some look upon this as a blessing, I'm not so thrilled. Four days later, and I'm still not really able to chew. Luckily, I did not damage my hands or wrists so the knitting continues. I am now up to a sock a day (thicker work-type socks - only 48 stitches per round!) The instant gratification will wear off soon though, I still have a couple of finer pairs of socks I'm currently avoiding. I have however learned my lesson - no other crafts until Christmas knitting is complete! So here I sit, furiously knitting, albeit quietly.