December 23rd, 2006


I am doubly cursed

It would appear that 2 things will happen on the day that we decide to hold our Christmas open house, the weather will be horrible, and someone will give birth. Those small issues aside, we had a really nice evening. Several people that I thought would be there (the ones that whined about it when I suggested that I might not have the open house) did not show, and I'm not sure that I'll continue with the same format going forward. I would kind of like to try a dinner party next year rather than hors at an open house...we'll see. I think nine years of doing the same thing is long enough (although the first year we didn't yet have our living room or dining room furniture!)

Stella finally got sick of my bad Christmas music collection and brought her Christmas playlist on her iPod. We ended up getting a New Years invite out of the deal, which was cool, we really didn't have anything planned, we're so old. I was glad to see several couples who hadn't been able to make it in the past, they delayed going out of town until today. I think they freezing rain had more to do with this decision than my party, but I can try deluding myself *g*