January 8th, 2007


Joining and leaving, winning and losing

symian mentioned the group 50bookchallenge this morning, so of course I toddled over. I thought it would be a cool place to keep up with my reading list from my 101 things in 1001 days list, and that I might get some great reviews, but holy crap, I made the mistake of leaving them in my default view, and easily 45 of the first 60 posts on my friends page were from that community. I do not have the attention span to weed through that! I've taken them off default view for now, but I find I tend not to get to the communities that aren't on my main friends page, so we'll see...

Played girlie poker last Thursday, I took $50 of my hard earned Christmas money and turned it into $110. So how should I spend it?

Some of the guys at work are putting on their version of The Biggest Loser. $20 to join, 1/2 goes to Roger's House, the other half goes to the winner. Final weigh-in is 16 weeks from now, and winner is judged based on percentage of body weight lost. I should lose around 30lbs (considering I put on 20 last year how hard can it be?), I want to get into shape to get back to playing hockey and I want to enter the National Capital Race Weekend 5k this year again. Losing 20 gets me to 12.9% loss, but it would be a hell of a workout. Sadly, it would also mean that my newly formed relationship with one of my Christmas toys would be put on hold. I just can't seem to see using it to whip up some low-carb energy bars. It would be a misuse, an injustice if you will. Good-bye brownies, and oatmeal cookies and 7lbs of mashed potatoes. I'll see you later pasta maker. I suppose I can still use it to slice my veggies *sigh* Decisions, decisions.