January 9th, 2007

chet sniffing

I love an unconditional guarantee

A couple of days ago hubby went to remove Chet's collar (he loves full neck scritches - Chet that is, and the metal clasp broke. Bits and springs were located, collar reassembled, and duct tape was applied liberally.

I have since been walking him with his Gentle Leader, which I totally recommend for anyone with a dog that pulls. Chet however believes he has moved beyond the need for this device and does his best to act pathetic whenever we encounter another human. He'll rub his head on the ground, paw at the strap and generally act like he is being tortured.

We decided that rather than risking the neighbours' calls to the OHS, we would replace the collar. Of course Chet must come with us to the pet store, he loves the attention he receives there. After he was finished being an attention ho, we moved to the collar aisle, located the same brand of collar, picked out a snazzy blue one and headed to the cash. As we wandered, hubby realized the collar was labelled 'unconditionally guaranteed' so at the cash I asked the girl if they would honour it. We carefully removed the duct tape, collected the springs and metal bits and waited as she called her supervisor and sure enough she ducked out from behind the counter, attached the new collar to Chet ,took a couple of minutes to play with him and bribe him with treats, much to the disgust of the people behind us in line and we were on our way.

I had heard PetSmart was great with guarantees, but this was the first time we had tried. We had no original receipt and they didn't give us the least bit of hassle. I am so impressed.

Now, because I've been assing around with my new camera, and my boy is the cutest evar:

calvin faces

I took the plunge today.

I did it, I joined the Biggest Loser effort at work, maybe it will be just the thing I need to get myself back into shape. To further my motivation, I will be keeping track of it here on a semi-regular basis. I'm fairly sure 32lbs in 16 weeks isn't going to happen, but I'd like to be there eventually. I'll be happy to go down 2 pant sizes, and by that I mean have them fit comfortably, not the super squished I am now as I refuse to go up another size. I'll be happy to run a 5k. I'll be happy to get back on the ice.

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