February 6th, 2007


Connecting with old friends

About three years ago I completely lost touch with a girl I had gone to high school with. As couples we spent our 20s hanging out together, you know, whole weekend Nintendo marathons. By the time hubby and I got married, in '96, we had already started drifting apart. They had their first child in '93 and their second in '98. They moved further out into the country, the east end of town, while we lived in the west end. An hour or so drive put a crimp in the amount of time we spent together, and well, lets face it, we just weren't nurturing the relationship.

I heard, around the time of my 35th birthday, that she and her husband had separated. Since then I've tried without much success to get back in touch. I feared, for the longest time, that she had moved to a different part of the province. Before Christmas this year I decided to try calling everyone listed with her maiden name and first initial in the Ottawa area. No luck there.

I took a blind shot last week and tried an address that I thought would reach her at the last place I knew she worked, in what I thought was the right format they used for addresses. I got an out of office reply that she would be back today, but most exciting is that it was from a matching name! I'd been anxious all last week, wondering if I had the right person, and how she would react when she got my message.

As soon as she got in the office this morning (she had been on a week's vacation) she read my mail and replied. We chatted through email a bit during the day, and she called this evening. We yakked for well over an hour (and anyone who knows me knows how much I hate talking on the phone.) We're going to try to get together this weekend or next, and I can't wait! It turns out she was missing us as much I as I was missing her and we still have a tonne to catch up.
don't eat the insulation


When did we become slobbering idiots? When did it become necessary for all media to repeatedly let us know that it's cold out? Who doesn't know that in most places in Canada, it gets freaking cold in the winter? Who would walk out of their door in shorts and a t-shirt and not have the common sense to go back in and adjust their wardrobe?* Man invented polypropylene underwear for a reason. Wear it.

Scarf, hat, mitts, jacket and guess what? That mythical 'wind chill' means nothing. When it's -28 it is -28. It is not -35. It might feel like that if you go out in the above-mentioned t-shirt, but IT ISN'T.

Plug your freaking car in, and it will start in the morning. It's February, this is the way the weather always is in February. It's not new.

Wear boots, and if you're wearing sneakers and slip, you have no right to sue anybody. You are an idiot.

When did it become an urgent news story to tell the people of Ottawa to bundle up when it goes to -28C? Having some dumbass talking head harass police, doormen and traffic crews doesn't make their job any better, make them any warmer or qualify as a newsworthy item.

*I do understand that there are some who do not possess this common sense, but telling them in a newscast probably won't change anything.
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It's a small world...

and I still wouldn't want to paint it (I heart Steven Wright).

As a birthday gift this year I bought Hubby an acoustic guitar and lessons. He's always wanted to learn and I figured it was about time.

Most evenings he spends a bit of time talking to his instructor after his lesson. Dude's an old rocker been around the scene for 20+ years. Anywho, instructor guy sent Hubby some different guitar links and other music related sites. The first one was his band's MySpace. I immediately recognized the name as the band of one of my co-workers! Sure enough it's one in the same.
This really is a small town.