February 9th, 2007


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I seem to be on a sofa kick these days - this sofa, while still under development would be completely wicked for someone with cramped quarters - it goes from a chair to a multi seater sofa in no time:

http://www.glumbert.com/media/foldingchair (also found here - http://chinese.engadget.com/2006/11/21/paper-seat-designed-in-taiwan/)

Perfect for a Micro Compact Home:

More paper seating: http://www.molodesign.com/pages.php?section=products&view_product_id=40#

I wonder if silverfish would be a problem in humid areas?

But this has to be my favorite:

calvin faces

I am on a roll!

I've had a MySpace account for a while now, but I've never really known what to do with it. I blog here and it seems that everyone else just sends glittery flashing pics to one another. Anyways, last night I decided to do a search based on my old HS, and ended up finding another bud from way back...I actually found 3 peeps I remember going to school with, but only really wanted to talk to this one. So I sent off a message, and am waiting to see if she feels like chatting.

Hubby calls me a stalker.

Stella wants me to find a mutual friend we both lost touch with.

But back to my opening thoughts - what the heck is the purpose of MySpace? If you have one, how do you use it? How is it different then the journaling/blogging you do here? What am I missing?

BTW - if I remembered you mentioning a MySpace I might have sent you a friend request. Yes, that was me *g*.