February 11th, 2007


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You think they would have seen this coming - Princeton's ESP lab closing

Speeding sure doesn't pay - OPP stop speeders, crack credit card fraud scheme

VoIP home systems incompatible with alarm systems. Alright, so it would have been nice if the VoIP seller had mentioned that the alarm monitoring may be affected, but how about the alarm company? They should have noticed no opens or closes for 1.5 years! I understand a monitored line is an extra charge, but I would be asking for the monitoring fees back. They still should notice absolutely no activity on the account and check it out.

And finally, a guy who was out to prove he had too much time on his hands, published the statistical accuracy of on-line weather forecasts. I wonder how it varies from other sources of weather information.

My butt, finally off it.

Two weeks ago I started a post about being tired of the malaise that seems to have settled in my life. I believe a large part of this is the uncertainty of going through the IVF cycles. But there is also a comfort level that I have fallen into, and a large part of the problem is that we don't do a lot of advance planning. Things just happen in my life, and if they don't happen, I spend my time lazing around.

So I got myself motivated. I told hubby that we were getting the skidoos out of storage and were going to have them ready to head up to the cottage. They were out in the country, so last Saturday we picked them up. This Saturday morning we headed to the cottage to check it out and do a trial run of the machines.

It was awesome! After a bit of a sputtery start we were in. The cottage was in great shape, and there should be no problems going up there for a weekend. We'll bring the pup in with us, I don't want to put him in doggy daycare if we don't have to and I can't wait to spend more winter time up there. It won't be completely roughing it, but there is no running water, no cleared roads, and woodstove for heat. I've started planning our supplies now, hopefully we'll only have a knapsack each for food and clothes. Next weekend is out, but I'm hoping for the weekend after, and the one after that, and so on.

The only real hitch was that I forgot my knitting for the ride up and back. Hmmm...one knapsack for food and clothes. Does that mean I get a second one for books and knitting, or do I spend the weekend hungry and freezing?