March 9th, 2007

calvin faces


I have decided to start to name my photos. This one is titled '6pm':

In case I didn't mention it, and you couldn't guess from the photo, I have started another round of IVF, so I'm now poor, stressed and hormonal. The IVF trifecta.

I had my second ultrasound yesterday and after skipping it for 2 days, they put me back on Puregon (50IU). I am to continue the Repronex (1 vial) and Suprefact at .2mL. I go back for more bloodwork and another ultrasound on Saturday, at which time they should have a better idea when I'll be triggering, but I'm figuring Monday or Tuesday...

Oh ya, the follicles - 4 or so that are measuring between 1.1cm and 1.4cm and a total of 62 smalls!! May I please have a couple more of those mature, and the rest just go away quietly? Okay, thanks.

I forgot to get my bloodwork E2 results, but I'd assume if it was way too high they would have mentioned it.

Did I mention I'm stressed? I'm having the freakiest dreams. Three nights ago hubby and I were walking on the cottage road, and there were black bears and timberwolves all around. They weren't bothering us, then a brown bear came along and started following us. We escaped because I dropped my shoe and he was distracted eating the shoe laces (WTF??)

Two nights ago, I woke up in a panic, because I dreamt I ovulated and the cycle was a bust.

Last night, there were 7 bunnies in the back yard and I couldn't stop watching them (what the hell?)

I really need to learn to relax.

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