March 11th, 2007


I'm an auntie again!

My sister (finally) had her baby at 9:23 this morning. She and LG are doing fine, as is Willy, the proud pappa. We went in to see them this afternoon and everyone is doing great. He is a super cute little dude, and Stella claims that his being 10 days late is proof that Willy is the father. *g*

It turns out the baby crawled up under her rib cage a month ago to get a better run at his grand entrance. I think they said there was a total of 35 minutes of hard labour and pushing. Stella figures she will be in the hospital until Tuesday morning. She also figures anyone who gives birth without an epidural is completely insane. Apparently a posterior baby and back labour got her over her fear of a bit-assed needle in her spine pretty damn quickly. Now I really have to get cracking on that sweater!