April 4th, 2007



It is never a good sign when the landscaping dude who is giving you an estimate on new stairs and a path turns to you and says, 'you know this is going to be expensive, right?' And you've only told him about 1/2 the job. To make matters worse, the long weekend and the crappy weather I'll have to wait until next Wednesday to find out if he's used to dealing with cheap-assed customers, or if it really is going to be stupid expensive.

Organic butternut squash soup is exceedingly bland. Even with added nutmeg. My cat dunked her nose in and wouldn't even give it a try. It tasted like watery squash (really, I was hoping for more). Now I'm undecided - is it the GM squash, or the pesticides or the preservatives that I'm missing? I think I'll try heating it up with some ginger tomorrow.

I'm supposed to go to the opera tonight, I have no idea how I'm going to stay awake for the whole evening. I don't even know which opera it is. Otello that shouldn't be so bad.

I hate it when LJ 'upgrades'. Really have these people never heard of testing? I'm cranky enough as it is, you can stop logging me out, and eating my posts and comments any time now.
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