April 10th, 2007


Easter Eggs!

Easter managed to completely sneak up on me this year. Usually, I spend a night or so a week for a couple of months before Easter making pysanky with some friends who have been doing it far longer and don't mind teaching. This year, we pulled a panicked group together the Sunday before the Easter weekend *g*. We had 2 newbies in the group, I think everyone had a great time, and we each ended up with an egg. Andrea, (the true Uke) has been making them since she was twelve. She used to teach classes at her church, but now she does it for fun. I think she enjoys laughing at our efforts.

The one on the right was the one I made this year. The other one is from a previous year:

Here are some previous efforts. I've really got to find a better way to display these than an egg carton:

The black one is the first one I ever made!

This was the first year I used my new electric kistka. I'll have to practice with it more this year. The one thing I'm missing to do these myself is a bunch of the old wide-mouth Mason jars for the dye.

For her wedding, Andrea dyed 80 eggs, one for each invited couple (the woman is a tad insane). And I'm not talking simple patterns like I've done. This isn't one of her wedding eggs, but it is one she whipped off and wasn't happy with, I was more than happy to take it *g*:

I figure if I'm ever anywhere near as good as her, I'll just claim I made those first ones when I was 4!

What is wrong with me?

My short attention span means that I only pay attention to one season of any reality show. Last year was AI, the year before was Next Top Model. This year?

Pussycat Dolls.

Although I think Robin could do with a titch more botox. It seems she's still able to speak.

I want to be a Pussycat Doll when I grow up.