April 23rd, 2007



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I'm sure I'll be out of this funk soon.

In other, better, yummy news, my sister and her hubby went to Toronto this weekend and brought me back some of the best mutter paneer roti ever - from Ghandi's. I devoured it for dinner tonight. It's even good when it's a day old and reheated. Anyone from T-dot ever wants to visit, come bearing roti and you can stay for as long as you'd like.

I have become a FaceCrackbook addict. I joined a while ago and no one else seemed to be around so I left it. All of a sudden everyone and their brother is on and I'm sucked back in.

Sasha went up for adoption this weekend, we'll see how that goes. When I let hubby know on Thursday that she would be added to the rescue site, he replied with a :(
This is the man that is dead set against a second dog. This is also the man that I found cuddling with her Sunday morning *g* He acts all tough and stuff, but he's a real softie, just don't tell him I told you.

Hubby went out for his first ride of the season. Friends of ours who were intending to move to Toronto decided to stay in O-town, and P bought a new CBR1000. After last week's snow he was itching to ride it - so off they went Saturday morning. 450 kilometers later hubby returned home, tired and hot, but happy. That was the longest ride he's been on in forever. And I'm only completely jealous.

I finally and officially turned the furnace off 4 days ago - and it's going to stay that way until October! I'm putting my foot down, gingerly lest it shatter, but down none the less.

In their infinite wisdom, my company has off-shored our phone support. Today I had the privilege of calling to have my v-mail password reset. Guy asks for my telephone number which I give him, and he finally repeats it back to me correctly. He then placed me on hold for 15 minutes, coming back every 2 or so to tell me he was 'investigating' his db and needed to put me on hold for a few more. At the 16 minute mark he came back on the phone to let me know that my number wasn't supported, he couldn't find it in the system. Numbers starting with 270, 726, 599 were supported, but not my 591 number. Well holy crap! I freaking set the VoIP system up for our lab, I know the numbers are legit, and I've had my freaking number for 3 years. So I politely suggested he find a way to find my number and get me supported.

I should mention at this point that he was 'investigating' to get further info to put in the ticket to pass along to a second line support person! 1st level support doesn't reset passwords! Really. Is there any more basic task? 15 more minutes on hold and my number miraculously appeared in his db and he could pass my ticket along.

At least it took my mind off tomorrow. *g*