May 28th, 2007


To hell with global warming - we bought a snow blower tonight!

My husband, ever the bargain seeker, found a posting for a second-hand snowblower at a great price. The woman was moving to a condo and had maintained the machine beautifully. After a brief run of the engine, and a quick look-over, we snapped it up. Now we store it for (hopefully) 7 months.

I am very happy to finally have a reasonable snowblower seeing that we live on the inside side of a curve and our driveway slopes down towards our house, so not only do we get the plow dump, but any blowing snow ends up down there. The last machine hubby bought should have been a prop in a Stephen King novel. It was huge, ancient and had no safety features. It was built to seperate your limbs from your torso, weighed 3 times more than necessary and yet it didn't have assisted drive and no electric start. Perfect formula for a maiming. I've lived here 11 years, and not once have I used motorized means to remove snow. But I'm not saying I can't wait.