June 19th, 2007


Minor renovations

A home renovation company up here is running a commercial that always makes me laugh:

Man and woman are standing in the bathroom getting ready for the day ahead. He looks at her and says 'I really hate this bathroom'. She replies, 'Me too!' He suggests renovating, and she enthusiastically rips the pedestal sink from the wall, then toothbrush still in mouth, looks at him and says, 'Now what?'

That is basically how hubby and I get involved with projects.

A couple of weeks ago we were sitting in our living room which has been untouched since the time we moved in. We initially removed the panelling, painted the walls (Renoir Bisque was very dark to hubby at the time) and left her wallpaper, which matched and was in fairly good shape. We threw in some furniture and called it a day.

Did I mention that was 11 years ago? Anyways, we're sitting in the living room, and hubby reaches up and starts peeling the wallpaper off the wall. (This is the exact same thing I did in the kitchen 2 years ago - wallpaper was meant to be removed). Well, aren't we off and running now. I've been wanting to put bookshelves in the corner for ages. Hubby sees no value in displaying books. But we're getting down to crunch time, in order to free up one of our 3 spare bedrooms (music room, office and craft room) stuff has got to shift. We search the web, and settle on a compromise, rather than a built in unit, Ikea has a fairly nice set of bookshelves that fit perfectly. Just our luck, they are discontinuing it and don't have any more in the store, and they claim they can't order them for us. Hubby is determined, and goes to Ikea online. Sure enough, they are available and promptly ordered.

Now ordering them means we'll really have to take care of the semi-started wall. So last Monday, Tuesday and Saturday hubby did this:

Said old wallpaper:

Nekkid wall:

Decisions, decisions - we narrowed it down from the original 5 cards to this:

Patches? We don't need no stinking...

Cone of silence. He claims he couldn't hear me complain when he was in there:

Miss Ceebee helping out:

Wanna buy a bookshelf?

Final coat of Deerfield:

You can see we hopped over 2 cards and down 4 shades.

Done (for now):

It's funny how putting a huge piece of furniture in the room made it look like we now have more room. I think it's a combination of cleaning up some clutter, and finishing the room.

We have a bit more work to do in the room, but with hubby needing 2 root canals (one today!), working full time, and teaching two classes this summer, it will have to wait until our holidays. In the mean time, I can start shuffling my stuff out of the craft room.

(no subject)

A couple of summers ago I worked for a riding campaign team working on election readiness for the last federal election (yes we start preparing almost as soon as the previous election is done). I worked very closely with a several people including one man who, I ended up learning, had conceived his child through IVF. He was always very positive and supportive, and had gone to the same clinic and doctor that we were seeing.

After not seeing this man for at least a year and a half, I ran into him in the grocery store about a week ago. We didn't have much time to chat, as we were blocking the aisle, but it was nice to see him.

It turns out he sits on the executive with my mother and was talking to her the other night. He completely shocked her by mentioning that I was blossoming, and that he knew Dr. C very well. She had no idea we talked about this, but also, he is the first person to come out and say he has noticed I'm pregnant! Kinda neat.

I'm sure it will happen more often now, I've completely abandoned the bigger clothes for mat wear. I've only gained 5lbs (at 15w4d I think that's pretty good) but man have I redistributed!