August 3rd, 2007


I need a holiday from my holiday

Hubby and I decided to head downtown this morning to watch the Changing of the Guard and then hopefully catch a tour bus for a quick trip around the city. Unfortunately our truck had other plans. As we exited the Queensway (and slowed down) our temperature gauge went crazy, by the time we found a place to pull over, smack dab in the middle of downtown, the temp was through the roof and the rad was completely empty. Yes, the rad that hubby installed the other day. Luckily we were stopped outside a convenience store so hubby quickly acquired 6 litres of water. Unfortunately they poured immediately onto the street, out the side of the engine block.

After a bit of cussing and crawling under the truck hubby found the culprit - the block heater had blown out the side of the engine, leaving a hole for all the rad fluid to leak out (for those of you in warmer climes - a block heater is similar to the element in an electric kettle - when it's - too many degrees to count you plug your vehicle in to make sure it's slightly warm and able to start in the morning.

Luckily my brother was home and was able to find a Canadian Tire with an in stock part for a 17 year old truck, and ferried it down to us. He stuck around while hubby changed it, ran home for some sockets and 5 gallons of water when it didn't seat properly the first time and all the fluid leaked out again, and then followed us back to his place to make sure we didn't encounter any more problems. Thank goodness for family!

The truck is currently on a time out while it thinks about what it has done this past week, but we may be getting that new vehicle sooner than planned. We'll be taking the car downtown to try again tomorrow morning.

22w update and Dr.s appt

We did manage to make it to our doctors appointment this afternoon despite the best efforts of the truck. This was the follow up to the 19w ultrasound and the results of our bloodwork. The doctor is in no way worried about the extra membrane sac in the placenta, she figures it's just a little cyst of fluid, and as it is no where near the fetus or the cord we'll just check it again at 28w with another US.

My bloodwork all came back fine, they did a MSS instead of just the AFP for me, and I have no markers of concern. My Down's rating came back at 1 in 270 and the average for my age is 1 in 220, they would do amnio at anything below 1 in 200. My NTD rating was 1 in 3200. The anatomy scan looked good, all the bits and pieces looked like they were in the right spots and growing at the correct rate.

My blood pressure is just fine 115 over 70 seems to ring a bell, and my heart rate, while super fast for me, is normal at 80 (non-pregnant resting heartrate for me is around 55). She didn't bother doing a fundal height measurement, but did note that I was measuring a bit larger (longer? bigger?) than 22 weeks. We again got to hear the heartbeat and the very active baby, and she did a pap while I was there, since it's been about 4 years now.

My next visit is at 26 weeks, and before that I have to book the appointment, go pre-register at the hospital so that they don't make me fill out the forms while I'm in labour, sign up for a pre-natal class and do the blood glucose test. Luckily I'm only doing the non-fasting 1 hour test this time, and I can do it at the same time as the 26w checkup.

Belly pics to follow...