August 17th, 2007


One thing

One thing to add to the ever-growing list of things I will love about being on parental leave next summer is that there will be no TRA to ruin my summer. Our security audit is next week and this brings all the usual stresses with it. I'm definitely not suggesting that the audit in Ottawa should be done earlier in the year, but do they really need to pick August to schedule it? What's wrong with October? Ottawa is beautiful in October. Nice and cool, great autumn colours and *not* the freaking middle of summer!

Since my craft room exploded I lost a lot of steam. Getting my second summer cold didn't help matters at all. I now have 2 rooms in a semi-completed state, and a wool explosion in my living room. I'm not sure how much longer hubby is going to put up with the disaster. I realized at 22w that I hadn't started knitting anything for the baby yet. So I've been going through my stash and patterns and dragging the ones I want to work on out to the couches. It appears that not only am I a compulsive wool shopper, but I apparently have no memory for the patterns I've already bought. I'm also a sucker for baby patterns. This means that I have (so far) found 2 duplicates of the same pattern booklets. Luckily I love every pattern in it, so at least one of the books is getting good use.

I've also decided to use up my Koigu stash. What is the point of having all that beautiful Merino around and not using it? It was originally intended for socks, but I think soakers and a jacket will be much cuter.

Okay, I lied, it's more than one thing...

I've been much more social lately in real life and not so much on-line. It seems now that summer is ending I'm trying to cram as much in as possible. I was able to spend a wonderful evening with Snorie last week, and I finally got to meet her 2 sons. They still have a long way to go, but considering they were born at 26w2d and weighed around 1lb8oz each and they are now 13lbs and 18lbs, they are doing wonderfully! We are going to be doing some crafty things together one evening next week and I can't wait to try it out. We had a great day and bbq with another couple on Saturday, and Saturday night hubby and I just happened to take a detour while heading home and we got to watch them moving that entire section of road out of the way. It was completely amazing to be able to look up at this huge machine moving down the street, carrying 600 tons of another road.

Sunday we helped a friend move the last few bits of her belongings out of her apartment, she's on her way to Singapore to study for a year. Hubby got to do all the hard stuff, I held the door open. We managed to pick up a tv out of the deal - we'll have no more purple people for at least a year! Tuesday was Lala's farewell party, she's off to Saskatoon first to MC a wedding. Nothing like a trip to Singapore via Saskatoon.

There was a lab bbq at work yesterday afternoon, so I headed in to the office for a bit. Unfortunately I forgot to close a couple of windows and we had a hella storm blow in. At work it was blowing so hard that rainwater was coming in under the covered doors. At home it blew in my back window, all over my dining room sideboard, and down the heater vent into the electrical and phone lines. Nice.

Last night I made my contribution to girlie poker. Not only did I not place or win, I was the first one out! Upside was more time for knitting. Tonight is MIL's birthday so we're off for a corn roast. Unfortunate choice of meal really seeing as I can not eat corn! Hubby is working tomorrow - I was hoping to go flea marketing, but may actually have to stay in and work on the house. Or catch up on the past week and a half of blogs that I haven't read.