August 20th, 2007


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I was this close to getting a new dishwasher. Hubby and I have very different tolerances as to when it is time to replace something. For example, our TV. It is an 85 Sony Trinitron 27". Yes, 85. The damn thing is 22 years old! The picture has started to go on it, where occasionally all the colours are out of whack and when it's behaving there are slight tinges of purple in the top corners. Hubby's solution is to buy a degaussing ring. Mine is a big-ass plasma. We got the ring.

Next up is our dishwasher. The kitchen appliances all came with the house. We bought 11 years ago, and they were old when we bought. And I mean old to the point where you have to pre-wash your dishes before loading them in the washer. Even with this extra nonsense hubby still has to take it apart every 5 months or so to clean out the sprayers. This surgery generally follows my losing my mind over having to hand wash the crumb-coated dishes and beverage stained glasses immediately after removing them from the dish'washer' Well, this weekend the spring broke on the door. And hubby said it was time to buy a new dishwasher! I did a little dance and started researching. Apparently I did not act quickly enough though, as tonight, after much rustling under the cupboards, hubby announced that he had fixed the spring.

Arg. I'm about to resort to sabotage.