September 8th, 2007


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We are the proud new owners of a gigantic bed! Not only did we go from a Queen-size to King, but it's now some sort of Euro/pillow top fancy softness that makes the bed so tall I have to climb up in to it. Seriously, I can't just lean against the side of it to sit, I have to hop up. Makes me feel like I'm in The Princess and the Pea.

I had a great sleep on it. I might have had a lingering fear of falling out of the thing, but I was super comfy, had no weird aches and none of my limbs fell asleep on me. And best of all, when hubby got up to get ready for work this am, he sat on the end of the bed putting on his socks and I didn't even notice! Thank you god of pocket coils!

The huge bed has had an unintended consequence. Other than the fact that the old bed was over 12 years old and way beyond it's prime, we realized that both of us, a co-sleeper, the cat and the dog would not fit in a Queen. Unfortunately this bed is so tall that Sasha can climb in to it, with a bit of effort, but when she leaves the bed, she Bambi's on the hardwood floors. It makes me sad to think of not waking up to her flailing around on her back anymore, but until we get a step or a rug, I don't think she'll venture up there again.

After finally getting the bed into the room, we can see that there is quite a bit of room left for a bedroom set, but not for an oversized gigantic one. I have always loved sleighbeds and we had found a set at a local furniture store that we really liked. Unfortunately, adding the extra 16" for the sleighbed just makes it that much too big. Also, we went back to look at the set last night, and the nightstands are ginormous. They are basically little dressers. Hubby thinks it's totally nonsensical to consider an addition to the house to accommodate the bedroom set.

We scoured the rest of the store last night, and came to the conclusion that all the furniture in there is oversized and overstuffed. I'm sure it would look great in the billions of new giganto homes that are springing up all over the place, but the room dimensions of our 40 year old home are just different. So we start the search all over again. We've made it 17 years without a set, but I don't want it to go on much longer.