September 10th, 2007


Weekend recap

I didn't do a lot this weekend, but I think it was just the right balance (aka - no housework!). Saturday hubby headed in to work at some ungodly hour, and I shifted my butt from the new bed to the living room couch. I managed to fall asleep out there and was almost late for my babysitting gig over at Stella's. She and Willy had the year-end softball tournament to participate in, so I pitched in by watching the little dude in the afternoon. I got to feed the little man his first taste of squash, and I'm sure if my sister ever gets her butt in gear, I'll be able to post pics of the event. I'm not sure how much ended up up his nose compared to in his mouth, but I'm fairly sure I didn't get any in his ears.

On Saturday I also managed to complete the Baby Einstein coat and as soon as I get those pesky seams finished I will post pics. I'm now working on matching Sheepy Pants, because I truly do want my daughter to look like a blueberry.

Sunday hubby and I got up early and after some awesome strawberry pancakes, we headed to the Baby Boom Show. I'm sure I'll regret signing up for all the 'free' draws I did, but I managed to get some really good info from a couple of shops in town that I had wanted to visit, and I found a local woman that does belly casts and belly bowls. I need to have one of those. I managed to miss the doulas, who I was really hoping to talk to, but hubby mentioned that they appeared to be really pushy and would have completely turned him off the idea.

We did a little bit of on-line furniture shopping after the show, and I think we have a couple of stores to check out in our never-ending quest (I know it just started, but I also know how long it takes hubby and I to find something we both like)

Once we got home we watched The Lady in the Water, and while it was nothing like I thought it would be, we both really enjoyed it. I knit like a madwoman the entire afternoon and evening and finally managed to make up the garment that I was lagging behind. I also heard from one of the 'wits that she has located her koigu stash and has it ready to donate to my soaker project. Sweet! Hubby cooked up a tonne of butter chicken which was fantastic. We tried the new President's Choice naan, which I'm not that thrilled with. I really should just make a batch of it, but I've been saying that about chocolate chip cookies for the past 3 months too! Now that I have a bit of breathing room with the knitting I may try either some baking or some scrapbooking tomorrow night.

Ceebee update

This afternoon I finally brought Ceebee in to the vet to learn how to give her subcutaneous fluids. Hubby wasn't that keen on learning this, as he felt it might put too much stress on the poor 17 year-old kitten, but I thought that it was better than doing nothing and we should at least learn how.

The vet had originally suggested we do a full CBC on her as well, as she had been having those dizzy spells. But after discussing it with me tonight and realizing that by changing her food they stopped, he thought it was no longer necessary. Yay for a doc that decides against the $250 blood test!

The tech came in and Ceebee was perfect. For a cat that had such an attitude for the first 15 years of her life, we all escaped with our limbs intact. We had to put an ecollar on her to help hold her steady, but she barely flinched at the injection and while you could tell the 150cc's were uncomfortable (cold and forming a huge lump under her skin) she handled it perfectly, which is more than I could say for me if I had to go through it. I thought it was bad enough having a 25/27ga needle stuck in my a couple of times a day - but for the sake of it draining in to her quicker, they use an 18ga needle! Ow! I don't even think we used one that big for the IM shots for me and those suckers hurt!

Lets hope next week's session goes just as well when it's just hubby and I to do it, with 2 nosy dogs watching on. And let's hope this helps those little kidneys feel better.