September 19th, 2007


Books shouldn't be painful

Has anyone here read The Silmarillion? Has anyone read it and enjoyed it? Does it get better? I'm on Ch5 of the main story and I swear, it's like reading the Bible - 'and this name that sounds just like that name begat the other name, and they wandered in the desolation for ages.' Oh and thanks for giving every group of beings at least a couple of names, if not giving several names to the same characters.

Most tedious reading ever.

Does it get better? Is there any point? This book is currently >< that close to being only the second book ever that I wasn't willing to continue reading (and I've read all 10 Mission Earth books)
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It pays to chat up your local pho vendor

I may have mentioned it before, but hubby and I have very different tastes in food and very different attitudes about trying new things. When it comes to new foods, I basically will try anything that doesn't stink or look totally gross and you can tell me what it is afterwards. Hubby is a bit more cautious and prefers to be fully informed before trying something. As an example, he hates warm mayo and if I tell him I used mayo in a cake instead of eggs he wouldn't eat it. He also has this sneaking suspicion that I am trying to sneak TVP into his diet, but I keep that all to myself. *g*

But I digress. One of my favorite quick takeout meals is pho. I mean when I was going in to the office I would sometimes have it up to 3 times a week for lunch. A bowl of soup bigger than your head for $6 - you really can't go wrong.

Anyways, hubby has had it exactly one time before this, and he basically views it as a big, smelly bowl of soup. Not a ringing endorsement. Where am I going with this? Well first off, hubby had a root canal yesterday and when I suggested chicken soup, *he* suggested pho! I'm thinking the dentist had the good drugs out that day, but I didn't argue. There is a great pho place just around the corner from my office (it's so nice that they aren't all confined to Chinatown anymore) so I popped by on my way home.

After ordering the two giganto bowls of soup (we pour them into mixing bowls at home to eat them) I started chatting to the waiter about foods and culture and different approaches to food. As he got my order ready he brought out this huge handful of longan fruit showed me how to eat them and told me that I'd really enjoy them because I was pregnant(?)

I peeled them open as soon as I got in the car and oh my god they are so good! I have to go search out a supply this weekend. And I really want to know why I didn't know about these things before. And I need to know what I can do with them besides just scarfing them down. But most importantly, I need more.