October 7th, 2007



My kingdom for a needle! No, not for a syringe and not a knitting needle, those I have up the wazoo. I am at a standstill for want of a needle for my sewing machine.

After a wonderful trip up to the cottage today for some Thanksgiving dinner with the fam (tomorrow it is hubby's family's turn) I arrived home and got started ironing, cutting and preparing to sew.

Part of preparing to sew meant digging out my sewing machine and all the assorted bits and pieces. Since I last used the machine for quilting, it still had my walking foot on it but after only a minor search the regular foot was found. Then I got ready to thread the needle....wait a minute, where the hell's the needle? Not only is there no needle in the machine (peril of moving it around as I cleaned out my craft room), but I cannot find any spare needles. This means that I'll be needleless tomorrow as well, as as was mentioned above, it's Turkey Day up here.

I wonder how much of this I can serge....

Oh, my mother thinks I'm insane yet again, I have decided to make my own bias rather than using the boring colours and selections of pre-made stuff. I always find it more fun to make my own, but she doesn't think it's worth the bother. This of course is a dangerous path, because right now I'm content to do a bit of folding and ironing, but I have already checked out bias-feed feet and there is one available for my machine *g*. Of course there are also a couple of sergers I am interested in, but I'm really trying to behave at the moment.



This cursed book is totally throwing me off track for 50 books this year. I seem to only be able to manage about 10 pages a day before I go completely cross-eyed. I am now more than halfway through, but despite my stubbornness, my BIL keeps trying to convince me that it doesn't get any better and I should just give up. I'm not quite there yet, although this isn't the best reading I've ever done.

I know I won't get a badge or medal at the end, but I really, really cannot leave a book unread. And I prefer to think that is because I am an optimist, and not because I'm nuts.